Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We're Off And Running

The Fall 2016 camping season has begun, and our first stop is here at General Coffee State Park near Douglas Georgia. As you know from some of my previous posts, we dearly love this park. We've been here many times, and it never gets old. Last year, we camped mainly in parks that we had never been to before. This year, we have a couple of new places on the schedule, but we will mostly camp at some of our favorite places from the past. Coming back to General Coffee was a no-brainer. I didn't get my much-needed bath at home before we left. Rain was predicted around the time we were leaving, and the weather guys were accurate for a change. It rained at home, and then it was dry until we were close to Valdosta Georgia. That was the heaviest of the rain we encountered, but it wasn't too bad. It rained hard enough to get the dust and spider webs off me, and I was grateful for that. We stopped at Wal-Mart in Valdosta for a few things that Gary forgot to pack, then took a little snooze while we were there. When the sun came up, we were on our way again. We arrived here very early. The park entrance and the office is decorated very nicely for Halloween. After checking in, Gary stopped near the lake and along the winding road back to the campground for a few pictures. Once inside the campground, we headed straight to one of our favorite campsites (#38). Luckily, nobody was in it, so we could pull right in and get set up. The only bummer about this park is that there's no TV reception, and you know how much I love to watch TV. Gary brought the iPod so we can listen to music, and he also brought along the complete DVD set of the Mister Ed TV series. That show is one of our favorites. I haven't seen most of the episodes, so watching them will be a real treat. I usually listen to music while Gary goes places, and he always has places to go to. Antique stores, junk places, thrift shops, you name it. There's no stopping him. And something he always does when we are here, is to feed our donkey friends Poncho and Jenny. This is the only park we go to that has farm animals, and the donkeys are our favorites. Glad to see that our commemorative bricks are still in place at the base of the steps at the small museum here. We may not ever be famous enough to see our names up in lights, but it's cool seeing them somewhere. We love the fall and winter. They are the most pleasant times of the year, and the most fun. Fall and winter means camping, and that's what this little vintage trailer and his vintage owner are all about. WOO-HOO!!!


  1. Couldn't help but worry about an old friend with Matthew hitting St. Augie. Hope you are okay and out of harm's way!

  2. Thanks, Amy. We were gone long before the storm hit, but our neighbor tells us that everything is fine at home. Just a few branches down, and a loss of power for awhile, but no biggie. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for checking in.