Saturday, February 25, 2017

Out Of Business

February 2017 is almost over, so I thought I would check in and tell you the latest news before we slip into the new month. First, we had a WONDERFUL time during our most recent camping trip at Wekiwa Springs. That was our final camping trip until next fall, and we made the most of every single day. We stopped at the gigantic Webster Westside Flea Market on the way home. After Gary got his shopping fix, we were off and rolling. It was an uneventful trip, and that's just fine with us. Unless plans change, it looks like I'll be sitting right here in my usual spot in the Green Acres Garage until next November. UGH!!! Something tells me that it's going to be a long and very hot summer. In other news, the joint business venture between Gary and I (Booth 366) is now over. About 10 months ago, we decided to get a little booth at an antique store in Jacksonville, and sell antiques and collectibles. Gary did all the work, and I gave up my weekly allowance to supply the cash to buy the goods that were sold in the booth. Gary is a really good shopper. He stretches a dollar like nobody I've ever seen, and with diligence and hard work, he was able to make some decent money for both of us. But the catch in this otherwise happy story is the amount of time that's involved to make this work. There's the shopping for goods, cleaning the purchases, tagging them, inventorying them, taking photos for the Booth 366 Facebook page, then going back and forth to Jacksonville to restock the booth. On average, it was taking half of each week to get all of that done. Gary literally has enough ongoing projects to keep him busy for the rest of his life if he lived to be 150. No joke! Things have continued to get further and further out of hand around here, and Gary was no longer having fun doing the Booth 366 thing. So, we talked it over and decided to call it quits. If things start getting done here at home, I think Gary will feel much better. All of these unfinished projects, plus Booth 366, has been wearing on him. The only time he's relaxed is when we're off camping somewhere. But camping season is over, Booth 366 is over, and now it's time for the REAL work to begin. On the bright side, I guess I'll be getting a steady allowance again, so WOO-HOO for that! As things happen here at Green Acres, I'll be reporting in. Love to you all. Your little aluminum pal, Toaster.

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