Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Is Here, And I Got Sprung

Hello friends, and welcome to the first day of spring. It was a BEAUTIFUL day here in St. Augustine, and I got sprung from the confines of the Green Acres Garage to come outside and hang with my buddies. It's been a month today since we got back home from our last camping trip. I've been patiently passing the days watching TV and napping, while Gary has been working away on various projects. Since closing our booth at the antique store a little over three weeks ago, he has been EXTREMELY busy. Not having to cater to the time demands that a booth requires, he has gotten a LOT of projects either finished or started here at home. He seems to be much happier seeing progress being made, and I know for a fact that he's sleeping better. When I came outside today, I stopped first to check out the interior painting that Gary just finished inside of "Dorsey" the storage container. Nice job! The fresh white paint is FAR better than the graffiti-ridden bare plywood, and it's MUCH lighter and cleaner looking. Next on my outdoor adventure, was a stop inside the Green Acres Carport. It was built just about a year ago, but this was my first time being under it. It's 900 square feet of AWESOMENESS!!! Unfortunately, it's a bit cluttered at the moment with large items that were intended to be sold at Booth 366, but somehow never made it there. As things get more under control around here, Gary will find new homes for anything that he can't use. That's part of the master plan. While under the carport, I visited with the biggest van in our fleet ("Max"). He's been hanging out under the carport since it was completed. My Serro Scotty sisters ("Caroline", "Jackie", and "Bernadette"), who are just outside the carport on the south side, seemed happy to see me. Just beyond them is "Holmes", a van that was purchased for parts. My brother "Henry", a former travel trailer who is now a utility trailer, was right behind me on the north side of the carport. This was the first time we had all been this close to each other in years. Towed behind my buddy "Dodge", my ride through the yard continued. I stopped to see the remains of "Scotty". He is covered with a tarp, and like most of the other trailers here, he awaits a total rebuild. He was the first Serro Scotty that Gary purchased, but sadly has yet to get the attention he deserves. Heading east towards the front yard, we stopped to see "Chip". His frame is strewn with pieces of old trailer skins, concrete blocks, and other junk. "Chip" was purchased as a donor trailer for me. Several of my windows originally belonged to my dear little brother. The eighth and final Serro Scotty that you didn't see on today's tour is "Poppy". My sweet little sister has been my roommate inside the garage since she got here about three years ago. Also inside the garage is a '71 Dodge Dart and a '65 Dodge A-100 van. Both aren't currently running and are on the list of future projects. That's a LONG list! Do you see a pattern here? Moving on, we visited with "Connie" the conversion van. She has that big driveway all to herself. She will likely be finding a new home after repairs. Circling back around the house, Dodge and I hung out in the shade of the big oak tree in the backyard for an hour or so, and then I was towed back to the carport. Gary decided to let me spend the night out here. It's something I've been wanting to do, and I guess it's kind of my reward for being a good boy lately. I'm not alone, of course. Gary is with me. He's watching TV while I catch up on my blog. I was SO excited about today's activities, that I just HAD to tell you about it. What a FUN day! Goodnight and sweet dreams from Toaster and Gary, LIVE from the Green Acres Carport.

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