Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Impromptu Camping At Anastasia State Park

Our buddies Joe and Tina from Ohio had been camping at Anastasia State Park for the last ten days or so. Gary had gone out to visit with them three times. With only three days left before they were leaving, another visit was planned. Tina suggested that Dodge or Casper be driven to the park, and Gary could use whichever of the vans to camp in at Joe and Tina's campsite. Gary appreciated the offer, but wasn't thrilled about the idea of going camping without me. So, he checked online to see if there were any campsites available. Being a coastal park, Anastasia is difficult to get into at any time of the year. At first look, the park was totally full. No surprise there. He looked again a few minutes later, and one campsite had become available due to a cancellation. He quickly snapped it up. Amazingly, the campsite was in the same loop that Joe and Tina were in. How convenient! He notified Tina that all of us (Gary, Dodge, & me) would be coming out the following day (Monday). Gary cleaned me up a little, and gathered everything we would need for our two day stay. Needless to say, I was SO happy to be going camping again. Just when I thought I was stuck here at home until next fall, I was blessed with this AMAZING news. I couldn't wait to get started. By Monday afternoon, Gary had everything ready to go, and off we went. The park is only about ten miles from home, so it was a short trip. Heading down highway A1A, I could see the lighthouse ahead in the distance, and I knew the entrance to the park was even closer. A few minutes later, we were checking in at the park office. Campsite #134 was ours. We stopped for a few seconds to say hi to Joe and Tina as we passed by their campsite, and I got to see their trailer FALA for the first time. It's a retro Serro Scotty, made in 2010, so just a baby compared to an old guy like me. We made our way around the corner to our campsite. It was a nice one. Of all the times we had camped at Anastasia in the past, we had never stayed in campsite 134 before. Gary got me set up with a little help from Joe, and then he was off to visit with his friends. He was gone until 10PM or so. I had some squirrels to entertain me during the daylight hours, and TV to watch after dark. For some unknown reason, Gary didn't sleep well. He tossed and turned for most of the night, and that kept me awake as well. He went over to have breakfast with Joe and Tina and their cute little dogs, Maizie the Scottish Terrier, and Auggie the Wheaton Terrier on Tuesday morning, and spent the entire day with them. I took a nap (due to my lack of sleep during the previous night), and enjoyed the sights and sounds of camping when I was awake. Gary came back to me around 8:30PM. We both slept very well. Early Wednesday, Gary had breakfast with his pals again, but not before getting me ready to head home around noon. Our stay was fun, but WAY too short. I'm VERY grateful though that we got to camp again. Back home at the Green Acres Garage, I'm here in my usual spot in the middle of the garage, surrounded by mountains of Gary's junk. He promises to clean up the garage this year, and I hope he does. This mess is EMBARRASSING!!! Anyway, special thanks to our buddies Joe and Tina for coming to town. I'm sure we wouldn't have gone camping again this spring without them being here. And thanks as well to whoever cancelled their reservation at the exact time we were looking for a campsite. That worked out perfectly! Later, my friends.

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