Monday, January 13, 2014

Lofty Goals

During my last post, I mentioned that Gary was planning to build a loft over part of the garage. Well, he wasted no time in getting started. He came home with "Dodge" loaded with wood, and got to work the next morning. As usual, he's working on several projects at once, but this is the biggest and most important one. I had no idea what Gary had envisioned in his head for the space he had cleared out, but as things have come together, now I understand. From this series of pictures, you can see the progress he has made. The basic framing for the loft is done. Some of the flooring is up on the loft, but isn't cut to size or attached to the framing yet. I'm pretty sure the whole thing will be completed by tomorrow night. Gary is very motivated to complete this project and move on to something else. I'm not sure what will be stored on the loft, but I'll be finding out before long. I'll keep you posted. I'm a tired little Serro Scotty. All of this work in the garage has kept me from getting the lengthy naps that I'm so used to. So, as another day ends and Gary is already sound asleep, I'm going to hit the hay myself. Goodnight, my friends.

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