Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Not Going Anywhere

When Gary was working on the loft project here in the Green Acres Garage, I had a pile of wood stacked up in front of me. I couldn't have gotten out of the garage if I wanted to. Piece by piece, the wood got used up, and I had a clear sight of the garage door. I was thinking that maybe I could go outside to enjoy the sunshine, or maybe Gary would give me a bath. Neither happened. Things were already a mess behind me because of the area that needed to be cleaned out to work on the loft. And now, I can hardly see the garage door once again because of a new batch of clutter that was brought home. And what is all this stuff you ask? Well, Gary went to an estate auction this past weekend and bought all of the 1940's steel kitchen cabinets that were in the house. The house is going to be demolished soon, and everything inside and outside of the place was sold. He didn't only buy the kitchen cabinets, but also the range, six French doors, all the tongue and groove flooring in one room, half of all the windows in the house, and several smaller items. I think he's NUTS, but he is VERY excited about his purchases, especially the kitchen cabinets. Eventually, the cabinets will be cleaned and re-painted, and they will be used in our own house. In the meantime, I'm hoping I don't have to look at them for long. I suggested stacking them neatly under the new loft, and I think that Gary liked my idea. All I have to do now is to make that happen without sounding like I'm nagging him. He's pretty motivated right now to get things done, so I'm reasonably sure he will get on it right away. The windows and the flooring still need to be removed from the demolition house. When the materials get here, I hope the garage is organized enough that there will be room for them somewhere but in front of me. I like having an escape path. More news from the extremely messy Green Acres Garage soon.

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