Thursday, July 10, 2014

Have You Missed Me?

It's been awhile since I last checked in with you guys. How are you doing? I've been okay, just sweating a lot in this hot Florida summer weather. The temperatures didn't use to bother me much, but the older I get, the more the heat seems to get to me. I can clearly see why my beloved owner Gary hates the summers so much. As you know, he's MUCH older than I am. I hope he won't read this. I'll get scolded for telling everyone that he's old, but let's face it, the truth is the truth. Anyway, the reason I haven't written isn't because I'm ignoring anybody or being lazy. There's actually been very little work being done on me lately. Gary has been focusing his attention on house repairs, and I've been spending my days watching TV and sleeping. I'm extremely good at doing both of those things. I think that Gary was feeling a bit guilty for not spending time with me. He spent almost all day with me today, and he made some good progress. As I mentioned (I think) in a previous post, the plan is to extend the sides of my lower kitchen cabinet all the way up to my ceiling. This is more difficult than it seems because of the curvature in my side wall, especially on the end near the door. As Gary always does, he used a piece of scrap plywood to cut and modify as needed. Once he gets the scrap piece to fit as well as he can, he will use it as a template to cut a new piece from. He was in and out of me dozens of times, attempting to get that plywood piece just right. He did pretty good. As you can see in the second picture of the plywood lying next to a straight edge, a lot had to be shaved off to fit the curvature of that darn wall. Moving on from that time consuming job, Gary removed my stainless steel backsplash that was glued FIRMLY to my wall. He has never been particularly fond of the backsplash, and was thinking of doing something different there. Unfortunately, he damaged it during the removal, so it will have to be replaced now for sure. I can't wait to see what he comes up with for a replacement. Later in the day, Gary began modifying my screen door. That required a good deal of cutting and filing, but the main part of the modifications are done. He moved the tracks for the sliding panel, and replaced the smaller aluminum panel with the larger black plastic one. The large slide will allow access to not only my door lock, but a deadbolt as well. After completing the modifications, he rescreened the door. And while he had the tools out for rescreening, he replaced the screen in my rear window that the squirrels had clawed through at one of our last campouts in the spring. Little by little, I'm getting repaired. I wish that everything was done, but I guess there's no big hurry. We're not going camping again until October, and that's three whole months away. I hope to have more for "show and tell" very soon. Until next time, stay cool!

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