Sunday, July 20, 2014

Side By Side

I apologized to Gary for my recent bout of complaining, and bought him that nice cold drink. That was all it took to smooth things over, and to get back in his good graces. Lucky for me. Things seem just fine between us. We've been laughing and having a good time together, just like nothing was ever said. Gary decided to do some work on the house yesterday while it wasn't raining. That's understandable. I'm in the garage, so he can work on me at any time. Today was my turn to be worked on again, and some very good progress was made. The second side to my upper cabinet was cut out of nice new wood, using the scrap wood piece previously cut as a pattern. There were lots and lots of test fittings and lots and lots of cutting and sanding to get that pattern just right, but it was SO worth it. The new piece fits perfectly. After taking the picture of the cabinet ends in place, the next step was to remove and paint them. While the first coat of paint was drying, Gary shifted gears and went from being a woodworker to an electrician. All of my wiring is now back in place. It's been awhile, but all of my interior lights and plugs are working once again. WOO-HOO! My new cabinet pieces will require another coat or two of paint before they are installed in me for good. That will happen soon, I'm sure. My biggest question now is what the plan is for my backsplash. I really don't think that Gary knows for sure what he will do with that area. I've seen him looking at various things online, but nothing has been decided on. Time will tell. He seems to be encouraged by how well things went today. I think he's going to work on me again tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens next. I'm SO excited!!!

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