Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Most Productive Saturday

Much to my surprise, Gary spent the majority of today (Saturday) working on me. Not all of the things pictured here actually happened today, but most of them did. Let me explain what you are looking at. As I mentioned in my last post, my new stainless steel kitchen backsplash has been installed. I'm still not allowed to show you the nearly finished product, but at least I can show you how the tiles were laid out, and how they looked before being installed in my kitchen. Pretty nice, huh? There is some wasted space under my bunk beds, so Gary decided to build a drawer to fill one of the vacant spots. In the photos, you can see that the drawer is being test fitted, and later in the day, it got two coats of black paint. The drawer will eventually have a thin plywood facing, and that will be covered with a stainless steel panel that will match the fronts of my kitchen cabinets. Next on the agenda for today, was covering up the big dent in my sheet metal that was created when my door flew open while we were trucking down the interstate. Gary looked through his spare parts, and found a twin to the vent cover that was already on me. It was the perfect disguise to cover that doorknob shaped dent. Other accomplishments today included installing a new water inlet cap and lanyard, and a new lanyard on my sink drain cap. Both of the lanyards were broken and needed to be replaced. To make positively sure that my door will never fly open again as we're rolling down the highway, Gary drilled a hole in my entry door and installed a deadbolt. This adds some much needed security as well. The deadbolt is probably the most important improvement that Gary has made to me this summer. I also got my door brow reattached today, and the last thing that Gary did, was to rework the metal guard that goes over the inside of the window on my entry door. One corner needed to be cut off in order for it to clear the new deadbolt. It will be freshened up with a new coat of paint before it gets re-installed. So there you have it. It was a VERY productive day here at the Green Acres Garage, and I am one happy little camper. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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