Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting So Much Better All The Time

As the days count down to our first outing since the spring, I am looking more and more like a complete trailer again. My best buddy Gary still has other projects that demand his attention, but he's spent a considerable amount of time on me as well. Here's what has happened since my last post. The drawer under my bunk bed was completed. It's a wide drawer, but it's not very deep. My wheel well is right behind it. It will hold a lot of odds and ends though, and it makes good use of space that was basically wasted as it was previously. The drawer has a stainless steel front on it that matches my kitchen cabinets, and the two handles are smaller versions of the one that is on the drawer above my microwave oven. Functional and classy, if I do say so myself. I haven't seen my screen door in months, but now it's reattached to me and looking considerably different than it used to. The size of the slide was increased, and the tracks that the slide fit into were moved. This was necessary to gain access to my old door lock and the new deadbolt. My old interior door handle was modified and attached to a new piece of angle aluminum which in turn was attached to the screen door. The angle aluminum serves two purposes. The modified handle is bolted to it, and it closes in the end of the slide so no bugs get in. Gary thinks of EVERYTHING!!! The most fun of my recent improvements (at least for me), was changing out the pictures in the photo montage above my bunk beds. I know nothing about building and modifying things, but picking out photos and making recommendations as to how to arrange them was right up my alley. I've attached pictures of how the montage looks overall, then close-ups of the left side, the middle, and the right side of it. Three of the photos were used in the previous version of the montage, but all the rest are new. The pictures are of family, friends, and places we visited and things we saw during last year's camping season. Gary has HUNDREDS of pictures, but this was about all that I could cram into the frame. I wish I had more wall space for more pictures, but I guess this will have to do. I got a preliminary cleaning of my interior. All of the tools are out of me, and the sawdust and dirt got vacuumed up. My bedding needs to be washed and I need some scrubbing here and there, but I sure do look better than I did earlier this week. My exterior is a different story. I am SO dirty. As you can see in the last picture, Gary moved "Dodge" outside, and picked up all of the stuff that was blocking me from getting out of the garage. He promises me that I will have a bath tomorrow. We will see, but I hope that's true. I never got washed at the end of the last camping season. I've been sitting here so long that I have cobwebs all over me. Yep, I am downright disgusting. I will hopefully look and feel much better by the next time I write. Well, it's Thursday night, and football is on. I'm going to go and enjoy tonight's game. Sweet dreams, everybody. I'll catch you later.

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