Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our 2014/2015 Camping Season In Review, Vol. 1 of 5

Now that our camping season is officially over, I've been looking back through all the pictures that Gary took, and thinking about all the fun we had in our travels. It was a GREAT season for sure. We logged a lot of miles and re-visited some of our favorite places, as well as making a few stops at places we had never been to before. Along the way, we visited with friends and family, and made some new friends as well. Gary and I are looking forward to the start of our camping season next fall. We are heavily booked from late September until New Year's, and not one of our stops will be in Florida. A lot of the time, we will still be camping in the deep south as we did during our past season, but every place we are going to will be new to us. Even though Dodge is 23 years old and has 242,000 miles on him, he is ready, willing, and able to haul Gary and I anywhere we want to go. None of our camping adventures would be possible without him, and we are grateful that he is part of our lives. He's an AWESOME van! I've gotten off the point of this posting, so let me get back to the matter at hand. I won't post any pictures of the places we went to. I've already done that in the posts I made from everywhere we went. But something new that I will show you are these little maps that Gary made. They show the general locations of our camping stops in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Gary hasn't had time to make all the maps yet, but this first batch shows the places we went to on our first three rounds of camping. I'll post more later. We actually went on eleven rounds total, not ten as I might have mentioned previously. We didn't plan on counting our final trip to St. Petersburg as a "round" since it was a working trip for Gary. But since we counted the first trip, and it was also a working trip, then we decided to count the last one as well. Here are the stats from our first three rounds. Gary is a stickler for statistics, so he wanted me to post them. He's much more detailed than I am. I'm lazy and I just like to camp. Still, I can appreciate the fact that he goes to all the trouble to keep track of everything. It is kind of fun to look back on. Round #1 - October 4th thru 19th, 2014. Our first stop was in St. Petersburg, FL. We camped on the driveway of our friends Bill and Sandy, and Gary worked on his rental house. We spent six nights there. Gary wasn't even close to finishing the work on the house. Not wanting to wear out our welcome with Bill and Sandy, we headed over to Hillsborough River State Park (near Tampa) for seven nights. Gary almost finished the work on the house while we were there, but not quite. So, we moved back across Tampa Bay to Clearwater, and spent three nights at the Yankee Traveler RV Park. The work on the house got finished up, and we headed back home to St. Augustine. Gary and Dodge traveled 1298 total miles. During 502 of those of those miles, I was along for the ride. 796 miles was traveled without me. Round #2 - November 1st thru 18th, 2014. This was our longest trip of the season. Stop #1 was Falling Waters State Park in the Florida panhandle. We spent two nights there. Stop #2 was Florala State Park in Alabama. It's right on the Florida/Alabama border. We spent two nights there as well. Our next two night stop was at Chattahoochee Bend State Park near Newnan, Georgia, then we headed up to Cloudland Canyon State Park in extreme NW Georgia. It's very near Chattanooga, TN. We spent five nights there, and was joined during part of our stay by our friends Jim, Melodie, Lou Ann, and Dan. From there, we headed to Morgan Farms (Gary's sister's house) for a four night stay. Our final stop was at General Coffee State Park near Nichols, Georgia. We spent three nights there. Gary and Dodge traveled 2009 total miles. During 1278 of those miles, I was along for the ride. 731 miles was traveled without me. Round #3 - November 26th thru December 7th, 2014. This was an all-Florida trip. We spent four nights at Tomoka State Park near Ormond Beach. After that, we headed to Stephen Foster State Park near White Springs for four nights. Our next stop was Fort Clinch State Park near Fernandina Beach. We stayed there for four nights also. Gary and Dodge traveled 815 total miles. During 414 of those miles, I was along for the ride. 401 miles was traveled without me. Well, that's it for now. As soon as Gary gets around to making more of the maps from our trips, I'll post two rounds at a time until all eleven rounds have been detailed. It's almost time for People's Court, so I gotta go. I'll catch you later!

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