Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our 2014/2015 Camping Season In Review, Vol. 2 of 5

Here is Volume #2 (of 5), reviewing our recently completed camping season. Gary has finished making all the little maps of the places we visited. I guess it's up to me now to find the time to write the reviews. It isn't difficult, and it's actually kind of fun. I just have to get off my lazy butt and do it, and you KNOW how lazy I am. Anyway, there's nothing on TV right now, so I have no excuse not to get this done. So here we go! Round #4, December 11th thru December 18th, 2014. Our first stop on this round was a place we hadn't been to before. Lake Kissimmee State Park is located near Lake Wales, FL. It's roughly 200 miles south of St. Augustine, which as you know, is our home base. We spent three nights there. We only went to one place this entire season that we didn't like at all, and that was Hillsborough River State Park in Round #1. Lake Kissimmee was nice, and we will probably go back there at some point. Due to Dodge's relatively poor gas mileage, we generally always go to more than one park in whatever direction we are heading towards. Gary likes to get the biggest bang for his buck when we travel, and sees no reason to go one place and then come right back home, only to turn around and go back to a park near where we just were. I wholeheartedly agree. Besides, I LOVE to camp, so the more places we go, the better I like it. This trip was no exception to Gary's rule, so after we finished our stay at Lake Kissimmee, we headed over to Melbourne Beach, and spent five nights at one of our favorite places, Sebastian Inlet State Park. I like to call it "Sebby". We've been there three times before, and it's ALWAYS fun. By the time we returned back to St. Augustine, Gary and Dodge had traveled a total of 817 miles together. I was along for 454 miles, and they traveled 363 miles without me. Round #5, December 23rd, 2014 thru January 6th, 2015. This was our Holiday trip, and we spent both Christmas and New Year's at our FAVORITE Florida State Park, Paynes Prairie near Micanopy, FL. We actually spent a full ten nights there, and it was as wonderful as it always is. On January 2nd, we headed down to Silver Springs State Park for a five night stay. We were joined for part of our visit by our friends Jim and Melodie. A total of 924 miles were logged by Gary and Dodge. I was only along for 244 of those, and the remaining 680 were made without me. That's it for today. I'll post another volume or two soon, I promise!

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