Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our 2014/2015 Camping Season In Review, Vol. 4 of 5

Round #8 (February 16th thru February 20th, 2015) was our shortest trip during our camping season. We didn't even make the reservation until the last minute. Gary and I decided that we didn't want to stay home for our birthdays. Well actually, I decided that I didn't want to stay home for my birthday, and I surprised Gary with the announcement that I had made the reservation. I'm sneaky like that. That's what he gets for letting me know his Reserve America password and credit card numbers. It was bad enough that I made a reservation at all, but I knew that Gary would be REALLY mad if I made a reservation for a park that was far away. So I looked for a vacancy at a park that was fairly close to home, and made the five night reservation at O'Leno State Park near High Springs, FL. That is just a little further away from home than Paynes Prairie, and a bit closer to Gainesville. Our friends Jim and Melodie live close to the park, and invited Gary over for dinner on the Wednesday of the week we were there. Gary hadn't originally booked anything for our birthday week because he had planned to stay home and get some work done around the house. But after it was all over, I think he was happy that I forced him to go. We had a nice relaxing birthday week. A total of 327 miles was traveled. I was along for 199, and the remaining 128 were done without me. Round #9 (March 2nd thru March 10th, 2015). This was another all-Georgia trip, and to three parks that we hadn't been to before. We spent three nights at each of the three parks. Our first stop was Fort McAllister State Park near Savannah. On the day we were leaving, we were visited by Tim and Susan Viall from California. They were travelling through the south at the time with their Scotty teardrop replica, and hadn't met Gary yet, even though they've been Facebook friends for a long time. Next, we headed to Little Ocmulgee State Park near McRae. Heading back towards home, we camped at Crooked River State Park near St. Marys. The warm temperatures there were bringing out the bugs in force, and it was obvious that on our next rounds of camping, we would need to carry the air conditioner along with us. Gary and Dodge traveled 1079 total miles. I was along for 538 of those miles, and the remaining 541 was driven without me. Two more rounds yet to document, but I'm done for now. It's hard to type with your tongue! I'm going to rest up. Later!

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