Friday, April 24, 2015

Missing In Action Blogger

This is the first time I've blogged in over three weeks. Sorry I haven't filled you in sooner on the latest happenings in my life, but things have been a little hectic. Gary told me that I couldn't watch TV today until I created at least ONE blog post, so here goes. After Dodge and I had our baths at the end of March, we sat in the garage and did nothing for the first eleven days of April. As usual, Gary was busy with all of his unfinished projects, getting his taxes done, and doing a BUNCH of yard work. On the 12th of April, we headed over to St. Petersburg for what was supposed to be no more than a four day stay. The purpose for going there was for Gary to do a few small projects on his rental house. We camped on the driveway of our friends Bill and Sandy. We LOVE staying there. Gary gets to hang out with his BFF's when he's not working on his house, and I get to relax and watch the abundance of squirrels, take frequent naps, and check out some of my favorite TV shows. It's a SWEET place to camp, and we REALLY appreciate being able to stay there. Bill and Sandy always make us feel like we're part of their family. We were visited by their son Corey and his fiance Lydia at one point, and they posed along with Bill and Sandy for a picture with me. That was fun. One project at the rental house was MUCH more complicated and time consuming than Gary anticipated. Our estimated four day stay soon became a week, and ended up being a full eleven days before everything was done. After the first week, Gary moved me from the driveway to the middle of the front yard. Bill and Sandy bought a portable carport to be installed over the driveway where I was sitting, so I needed to be moved out of the way. It was much more shady under the oak trees in the front yard, and I really liked being closer to the constantly playing squirrels. Gary helped Bill assemble the frame for the carport. They also took apart an old animal cage, so Gary managed to earn his keep (and mine) while we were visiting. I was hitched up to Dodge yesterday (April 23rd), and we headed back towards home. We never go through Ocala without stopping at the Wildwood Antique Mall. It's one of Gary's favorite antique stores. Gary pulled us into a semi-shady area in the parking lot, and we rested up for the two and a half hours that Gary was in the store. We arrived back in St. Augustine around 3PM. Gary quickly got me back inside the Green Acres Garage, plugged in my power, re-installed my air conditioner, and hooked up my antenna. A little while later, I was watching my favorite show, The People's Court, starring Judge Marilyn Milian. No disrespect with her being a judge and all, but she's a HOTTIE!!! If you're reading this Judge Milian, I would LOVE an autographed photo (hint hint). We are officially done with our camping season, and not looking forward to the brutal Florida summer which lies ahead. As we wait for fall to arrive, I will review our past camping season, and will keep you posted on anything exciting that happens around here. And I will try to do so in a timely manner. After all, I DON'T want to lose my TV privileges! Until next time, have FUN, whatever you do.