Friday, December 4, 2015

Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge, GA.

Don't let the name fool you. There is no hard labor going on at Hard Labor Creek State Park, at least as far as your boys Gary, Dodge and Toaster are concerned. After we left the I-75 RV Park in Tifton, we headed here. There was a two-hour stop along the way for Gary to do some shopping at the Big Peach Antique Mall in Byron, GA. He had some fun, and Dodge and I got to rest for awhile. That's always good. On arrival, we checked in at the office and trading post, then drove through the park trying to find the perfect campsite. And that we did. We picked out campsite number 27. It is a DEEP campsite, and I look totally lost in it. We didn't pick it for it's size. We like secluded campsites that are close to a restroom, and this one is perfect for both. There's nobody close to us at all, and the restroom is right across the street. Actually, we were the only ones camping in this loop until late in the day. Someone else finally came in, but they are so far away we can't even see them. The campsites are pretty much spread out here for the most part. There are four loops and four older restrooms here at the moment, but all of that is going to change after the first of the year. The old restrooms will be torn down and replaced by two much larger ones. A number of the campsites will be reconfigured too, making them easier for bigger RV's to get into. Some of the campsites are very small as they are right now. There will also be "premium" sites being built, which have full hook-ups for the big rigs that need them. For now, we're enjoying the park the way it is. There is a golf course here, and that is why a lot of people come here. We just like it for the peace and quiet and the joys of camping. There are LOTS of squirrels here, which as you know, is always a bonus I enjoy. There's also cable TV, but not as elaborate as the cable we had at the I-75 RV Park. It's just basic cable with basic channels, but it's definitely better than nothing. We are out in the sticks, and cellphone and internet connections in the campground are non-existent here. There is Wi-Fi at the park office, but Gary had no luck being able to download pictures for the blog and for his Facebook page. He is typing up what I have written in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart store in a town called Madison, and that's about 20 miles away from the park. He's getting some groceries while he's there, so it will be a worthwhile trip. He has been able to make phone calls from the area around the park office, so that's good. At dusk on our first night, the skies were shades of pink. That was different. It is now night number two. Gary spent most of day number two at an incredibly huge estate sale with a house, two out buildings, an old general store, and a barn. Needless to say, he bought a bunch of stuff, and he's planning on going back for more. I hung out here at the campsite, napped, watched a little TV, fed the squirrels, and greeted the new campers who are arriving for the weekend. People always come by and visit with me and take pictures, so I'm really not alone very much. Girls always say I'm cute. I guess I am sort of a chick magnet, Ha-Ha-Ha!. I don't know if I will get any more pictures to post from here or not. If Gary spends as much time at the estate sale tomorrow as he did today, I've probably gotten all the pictures I'm going to get. Time will tell. I'll write again soon, either from here or our next stop. Happy Friday, and have a GREAT weekend.

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