Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weary From The Road

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Dodge didn't have as much fun on our last camping trip as Gary and I had. He doesn't mind going anywhere on flat lands, but he's not at all happy on mountainous terrain, and we had a LOT of mountain travel in northern Georgia. He pulled me up and down those hills and didn't complain, but he was obviously struggling. Needless to say, he was a whole lot happier when the mountains were behind us. On top of the struggles, a logging truck traveling in the opposite direction tossed up a rock and cracked Dodge's windshield. OUCH!!! That said, now you know why our most recent trip wasn't one of Dodge's favorites. Somewhere along the way, Dodge also surpassed the 248,000 mile mark. We ask a lot from him, and he continues to get us from place to place without mechanical problems, although he's getting older and the miles might be catching up with him. Gary bought an annual park pass from the Georgia State Parks this year, and it has REALLY paid off. With the pass comes a FREE night of camping, and 10% off on all other nights of camping. Plus, there's a 10% discount on park souvenirs. Gary has saved a LOT of money with that pass, and he will definitely buy another one before we go camping in Georgia again next fall and winter. This has nothing to do with the annual pass, but Georgia also has something they call the "Club Passport". It's a FREE program offered to all campers. With every paid night's stay, you get a sticker to attach to the grid on the back of the passport book. When you get ten stickers, you also get a FREE night's camping. We have over 60 stickers right now, so we have 6 FREE nights of camping available to us. We are going to use them up on our final trip into Georgia in a couple of weeks. We love camping, but FREE camping is the BEST!!! For some reason, and I'm not sure why, Gary and Dodge and I all seem more tired than we usually do after a trip. I can understand why Dodge feels tired, but I've been extra sleepy too. As for Gary, he acquired a bit of a cold on the last leg of our trip, and he hasn't felt all that great since we've been home. But, there are things to be done, so he's muddling through. It won't be long before we head out on our final trip of the camping season, so we're all trying to rest and get healthy so we can thoroughly enjoy our journey. Dodge won't get a new windshield until after the New Year begins, but he will get an oil change before we head back out. That should make him at least a little bit happier. Other than that, everything is fine here at the Green Acres Garage. Thanks for stopping by!

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