Sunday, December 13, 2015

Parting Pics From Amicalola Falls

Sadly, our stay at Amicalola Falls passed by much too quickly. Gary and I had a GREAT time, but Dodge wasn't as thrilled. More on that in another post. We packed up early and left our mountain top campsite, then headed down that REALLY steep and winding road towards the entrance of the park. By the time we got there, my brakes and Dodge's brakes were hot enough that Gary and I could smell them. A little cooling off was necessary before we went any further, so we stopped at the visitor's center for a final look around. The Georgia approach to the Appalachian Trail is located behind the visitor's center, and even though Gary had explored the park pretty well during our visit, he somehow never saw the archway that marks the beginning of the trail. In case you didn't know, the Appalachian Trail is over 2100 miles in length, and runs all the way from Georgia to Maine, or Maine to Georgia, depending on which end you start from. Gary has been known to hike a few trails, and has even gotten lost on one. If he hiked the Appalachian, I'm sure I would never see him again. Luckily for me, I know he would never consider walking a trail longer than a handful of miles. After a half hour or so, the smell of hot asbestos from our brakes was no longer in the air. It was time to go. We headed out of the park, saying farewell to Smokey Bear along the way. Four days at Amicalola just wasn't enough, and next time (I hope) we'll stay MUCH longer.

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