Friday, March 4, 2016

A Look Back At Our Camping Season, Trip #1 (October 5th thru 20th, 2015)

Hello, my friends. I've got a lot of free time right now. Our camping season is over, so I don't have much to do. While my buddy Gary is working here at home and trying to complete some big projects, I find myself reminiscing about our camping adventures. Looking at the photos, I'm taken right back to those fun days we had on the road. All of the places we went to, were places we had never been to before. Most we will return to, and a couple we will avoid. We never know what we will experience, and that is part of the fun. We left our home here in St. Augustine, FL. on October 5th, 2015. The best tow vehicle in the world, my good pal "Dodge", had 242,259 miles on him on departure. Our first stop was at Beaver Run RV Park near Metter, GA. Beaver Run was a good stopover point on our way further north. It was nothing fancy, but the cable TV was GREAT. We only spent one night. Dodge and I never even got unhitched from each other. Early the next day, we headed to Watson Mill Bridge State Park in Comer GA. for a three night stay. This was a BEAUTIFUL park. Our campsite wasn't spectacular, but going through that old covered bridge was something I will never forget. Our next stop was the KOA Kampground in Newport Tennessee. This was the least impressive place that we stayed at during this round of camping. However, it was close to where Gary's friend Laurie lives, and seeing her after 25 years was one of the primary goals of the entire trip. Laurie hauled Gary all over the area, so Dodge got to hang out with me at the campground. It was nice to have some company for a change. Gary and Dodge usually go off exploring or antique shopping together, and I'm left by myself. This was another place where we had cable TV, and I'm ALWAYS happy when I have plenty of channels to watch. Gary and Laurie had a lot of fun hanging out together, and our three night stay went by quickly. From Newport, we headed west to Harrison Tennessee, and spent three nights at Harrison Bay State Park. This was an okay park, but not on our list of places we can't wait to get back to. The $20 rate per night was definitely very reasonable though. Gary spent most of the time there antique shopping in nearby Chattanooga Tennessee and Ringgold Georgia. Our campsite was way too close to the one next to us, but the asphalt surface was nice. Not all of the campsites at Harrison Bay are like that. Gary just didn't know better, and picked one that wasn't that great. Heading back down into Georgia, we spent the next three nights at Indian Springs State Park in the little town of Flovilla. We had the best campsite there that we had anywhere during the season. We loved it. The park was on the same level as Watson Mill Bridge, and one that we will most definitely return to. Gary antique shopped in the area, and spent some time with his sister and brother-in-law in nearby Barnesville. I totally enjoyed the beautiful campsite, and for some unknown reason, a LOT of people came by and took pictures of me. I had plenty of company, that's for sure. Heading back towards home, we stopped where this trip all began, at Beaver Run RV Park. This time, we stayed for three nights. Gary and Dodge left me behind to watch cable TV, while they spent most of their time antique shopping all over eastern Georgia. On the morning of October 21st, we returned home. A total of 2,103 miles were traveled. I was along for 1,359 of the miles, and Gary and Dodge traveled without me for the remaining 744 miles. This was the longest of the six trips we took during the season. I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me. I'll be posting about all of our other trips soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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