Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Look Back At Our Camping Season, Trip #3 (November 18th thru 22nd, 2015)

On the third trip of our camping season, we headed once again into Georgia. This was only a one stop trip, a five night stay at Reed Bingham State Park near the city of Adel. After our usual drive through the park on arrival, we picked campsite #1 to hang out in. It was a corner campsite with a nice big shade tree. We had basic, limited channel cable TV. That was good for me since Gary was going to be gone during much of our stay. The main purpose in coming to Reed Bingham was the proximity of the park to the nearby town of Moultrie. A big annual car show and automotive swap meet is there, and it's something that Gary has wanted to attend for years. He finally got his chance, going to the show for two of the three days that he bought his tickets for. Weather wise, it was fairly cold in the mornings, but warmed nicely as soon as the sun came up. After the first day of the car show, Gary had so much fun that he came back to the campground and made reservations at Reed Bingham for the Moultrie car shows in February and November of 2016. It looks like we'll be going there every year, and that's fine with me. The park was very nice, quiet, and the campsites are spacious. In addition to the car show, Gary did a little antique shopping in the area, and explored the park. There just wasn't time for him to hike the trails, but that will wait until a future trip. A total of 557 miles were traveled. I was along for 403 miles of that total, while Gary and Dodge traveled 154 miles without me. When we arrived back at home, Dodge had a total of 246,710 miles on him. We still had a lot of camping left to go, so the 250,000 mile milestone was definitely within sight before our season ended. I am REALLY enjoying looking back at all the pictures from our travels. This is FUN!!! More reviews coming soon!

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