Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Look Back At Our Camping Season, Trip #2 (October 30th thru November 10th, 2015)

After a few days at home to regroup, we headed out for our second round of camping. We really like Georgia State Parks, and on this trip, we would visit two of them. Seminole State Park was our first stop. It's in Donalsonville Georgia, just barely above the Florida border. It's very close to Alabama as well. For our three night stay, we picked a pull-through lakeside campsite. We enjoyed our time there except for the weather. It was unusually warm for October. Gary wished he had brought the air conditioner along, but the fan was all we had. It ran the entire time we were there. Our campsite was pretty, but there was no shade trees to block the sun. Gary explored the park and went antique shopping in Dothan Alabama. There was no cable TV, but plenty of channels to watch from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Though not one of our favorite parks, it's a place we would definitely go back to. We had a good time. Our second stop was 177 miles further north, at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain Georgia. This is a GORGEOUS park, and instantly became a favorite of ours. We had a beautiful back-in campsite that was right next door to the restroom. Gary enjoyed the convenience of that. Unfortunately, during a good portion of our seven night stay at F.D.R, it was either raining or extremely foggy. We didn't let that bother us. It was MUCH cooler than it was during our stay at Seminole State Park. That was VERY enjoyable. Gary's sister Pat and her husband Dan live about 25 miles from the park, and he spent a lot of time with them. TV reception was basically non-existent, but the iPod kept me entertained when Gary was away. We watched a few movies when he was around long enough. There is lots to see at F.D.R., and hiking is a big thing to do. F.D.R's statue is on Dowdell's Knob, a quiet scenic overlook where the President spent much of his time during visits to the area. His Little White House is just outside the park. We are already booked at F.D.R. for next fall. We're hoping that the weather will be better next time. Our final stop on this round of camping was at Torreya State Park near Bristol Florida, one of only two Florida State Parks that we camped at this season. This was not an impressive park in any way. We won't bother going back there again unless we absolutely have to. We spent two nights there on our way back home, and that was more than enough. Dodge developed a noise on our way from F.D.R. to Torreya. Gary thought it was a wheel bearing going bad, and that's exactly what it turned out to be. Luckily, we made it home without it falling apart, and it was replaced before our next trip. A total of 1782 miles was traveled by Gary and Dodge. I was in tow for 915 of those miles, and the remaining 867 miles were completed without me. That's it for the review of this round. Stay tuned for more.

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