Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Look Around Reed Bingham State Park

Before we say goodbye to Reed Bingham State Park for this visit, I thought I'd post a bunch of pics of this pretty little park. Gary (my photographer) had a little spare time today, so I asked him to go out and snap some pictures for me. He happily obliged. There's a good sized lake here, and since Gary is always attracted to water, that is where he began his photography. Like everywhere else we have been in Georgia this year, the drought has created a low condition in the lake. It doesn't seem to be as severe here as other places, but it's still lower than our first visit. At that time, water was flowing over the dam. This time, the dam and beyond is dry. There's also a burning ban going on, so no campfires are allowed. This park is actually located in two adjoining counties, and until the mid-70's, you had to go out to the main highway to get from one side of the park to the other. With former governor (and later President) Jimmy Carter's help, a bridge was created inside the park to tie the two halves of the park together, making it more user friendly for everyone who visits. Thanks, Jimmy! All together, the park is over 1600 acres. There's a boat ramp, picnic pavilions, and group shelters on each side of the park. The man-made beach, the largest of the picnic pavilions, and the kayak rentals are on the west side. The campground, park office, mini-golf, and all of the trails are on the east side. Gary walked a couple of the trails today, but ran out of time to walk all of them. The Little River Trail has a LONG boardwalk that branches off to a couple of different areas that provide views of a swampy area. Not the prettiest area of the park for sure, but Gary was impressed with that boardwalk. That's a LOT of lumber! There's also a Nature Center in the same area as the trails, but it was closed when Gary visited. The only wildlife seen was a few squirrels and an armadillo. Here in the campground, there are two loops. Loop #1 is the older of the two, and has a rather ancient restroom. That is where we are. Loop #2 is fairly new, and most of the campsites there have full hookups for more modern and larger RV's than myself. Gary calls the restroom in Loop #2 "The Palace". It is the nicest restroom of any park we have been to. Gary doesn't mind taking the walk over to "The Palace" for his showers, but uses the ancient bathroom in our loop for all the other stuff you humans use bathrooms for. He's hoping that they will eventually build a "Palace" in Loop #1. As always, we have enjoyed our stay here. Gary got to spend a couple of days at the nearby Moultrie Swap Meet and Car Show, as I relaxed and watched a LOT of cable TV. We already have our camping reservations made for here in 2017. There are car shows in February and November, and we'll be back for both. This is the end of our camping in Georgia for 2016. All of our remaining stops this year will be in Florida, and we head that way in the morning. I'll post from there. Have a great week, my friends.

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