Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mistletoe, And It's Not Even Christmas!

Well folks, I got yelled at again. I was supposed to keep caught up on my blog postings, but I started watching TV and just plain forgot. Gary doesn't really yell at me, he just STRONGLY suggests that I'd better get my act together, or he and Dodge will go camping without me. He knows how to get my attention, that's for sure. I am definitely not taking any chances of getting left out of a camping trip, so I'm going to do this posting right now to keep the peace. Lets see, where did I leave off from last time? Oh yeah, now I remember. We were leaving Indian Springs State Park and heading to Mistletoe State Park. It was an uneventful ride from one park to another, so nothing to tell you about on that subject. We were at Mistletoe State Park last Christmas, but decided to come a bit earlier this year to maybe see some fall foliage. Last Christmas, we actually didn't see much of anything. It was rainy or foggy for 99% of our stay. Totally different this time. We were blessed with crystal clear days, and nippy cold nights. Just the way we like it. When we arrived, we rode around the park in search of good TV reception. Gary raised my antenna and stopped at several campsites to plug in my power and scan for TV channels. No luck at first, and then we tried campsite #11, which was located out at the end of one of the peninsulas in the campground. BINGO!!! We got eleven channels (matching the campsite number) that were as clear and strong as if we had cable TV. There wasn't much tree cover for shade, but we were more interested in seeing our favorite shows than staying cool. With the cooler temperatures, even during the day, staying cool wasn't a problem anyway. I watched TV all day every day, and that's why I never got around to doing my blog postings. Gary only watched TV with me at night. During the days, he was either out exploring the park, antique shopping in nearby towns, or hanging out with our camping buddies Lou Ann and Dan who live nearby. We both HIGHLY enjoyed our five night stay, even more so than we did on our first visit. The nicer weather had a lot to do with that. I won't explain each and every picture that I've included. They are pretty much self explanatory. Just your typical amenities and various views from around the park. The most interesting pictures to me are the ones near the end that compare certain things or areas as they looked last Christmas to how they looked this time. Last November and December, the area had been hit with extremely heavy rains. The 72,000 acre lake was overflowing. The beach area was totally under water, and many of the campsites were dangerously close to being under water as well. I remember riding out on the peninsula where we stayed this time, and I was scared to death. Way too close to being overtaken by water for my taste, so I made Gary tow me to higher ground. We had a nice campsite, but no TV reception. This time, the water was a good eight feet or more below the levels from last December. The drought made all the difference. Check out those comparison pictures, and you'll see what I mean. Our stay at Mistletoe was over much too quickly. Time flies when you're having fun or camping or both. We headed straight home from Mistletoe, with only one stop in Metter Georgia for fuel and for Gary to feed his never ending hunger to antique shop. Dodge ran perfectly the entire trip with his new fuel pump. And me..I was a super good boy as I always am (Ha-HA!). Another blog post coming soon, I PROMISE!!! After all, my camping life depends on it. Enjoy the pics!

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