Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Good Things Must End

Big happenings here over the last few days. First, after 122 nights of sleeping in me, the Florida heat is getting to be too much for Gary, and he is now sleeping in the house again. I'm sad and I'm lonely, but I understand. It sure was fun spending so much time with Gary, and he promises that we'll be together again as soon as the cooler nights of fall arrive. During the summer, I know there's some improvements that need to be made to me, so I'll be seeing Gary often. He took me outside and gave me a bath yesterday, and that was nice. There are plans in the near future for Gary to begin a full rebuild of my brother Scotty. Scotty got to come outside with me for awhile yesterday. As you can see, he is in in terrible condition. Gary has been using Scotty for wood storage. But now that the big utility shed is built, all of that wood will go in the shed, and Scotty will be ready to be dismantled. While Scotty and I were spending some time in the Florida sun, our other brother, Henry the Hilander, got turned around and moved to the spot where Scotty used to be. Then I got rolled back into the garage next to Henry. I've been in the middle and front of the garage before, but never all the way in the back. I now know for sure that I won't be going anywhere for awhile. It's kind of quiet back here, and I'm away from the dangers of getting hit or scratched by the things that were constantly being moved around me. So, no complaints from me. Gary brought Scotty back in, and now he's in the middle of the garage where I used to be. Gary will have easy access to him as he begins the long process of a total frame-up rebuild. And I have a front (well actually rear) row seat to watch what happens.

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