Monday, May 28, 2012

Reduced To Rubble

I've calmed down a lot since my last blog post. Sorry I freaked out like I did, but I had never seen a trailer, especially a relative of mine, get torn apart like that. Gary had a long talk with me, and explained that sometimes there is no easy fix when a trailer is in as bad of condition as Scotty was. There was no other way to make Scotty like new other than to start from scratch. So, that's the plan. Now that I have a better understanding of what's going on, I'm fine with it. The old Scotty is no more. Today, Gary got busy on cutting up all of Scotty's old body parts. He is keeping the walls and floor for patterns and possible reference if needed. Gary likes the pattern of Scotty's old linoleum floor, and he plans to use a little of it for some purpose in the "new" Scotty. Everything else got cut into small enough pieces to fit into the garbage cans. It still wasn't pleasant watching Gary do what had to be done, but I know everything will turn out for the best. As you can see, Scotty is now just a pile of rotted wood in a stack. Gary has determined that Scotty's frame rails have a bit of a bow in them, so it looks like they will need some work that Gary hadn't planned on. It's always something. I'm sure happy that I didn't have all the problems that Scotty has, or I might have ended up in the junkyard or even worse, having my skeleton (frame) ripped right out of me. YIKES!!! But Gary was loyal to me, and I know he will be the same way with Scotty. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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  1. It's okay, Toaster! Sometimes this has to happen to make a better Scotty. Not all Scotties are as nice as you! Your brother will be so nice when Gary is done--and Gary will love you just the same as always!