Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Arrived At A.S.P. (Anastasia State Park)

We're here at Anastasia State Park for a weekend of fun with some of our camping buddies. A few were already here when we arrived, and a few more will be here later today and tomorrow. We have a beautiful campsite, and now all we need is some good weather. Hurricane Sandy is south of us out in the Atlantic, and I'm afraid that she will dump some rain on us. Such is life when you live in Florida. One way or the other, we will make the best of it. Until we know for sure how the weather will be, Gary set me up without my Halloween decorations. The few things that are out can either get wet, or they will be easy to pack up in a hurry. As you can see, Gary brought the portable ice maker for this trip. He has used it often at home, but this is the first time it has come along with us on a campout. Also, the little deck he built for me for my entry door was very popular and useful at the last campout, so it's back for another time. Our friends Richard and Sandy stopped by briefly, and Gary is about to go out and visit and take some pictures. But for now, I thought I'd share a few pics that have been taken so far. It's nice to have internet access right here at our campsite. I sure am glad that Gary got a little more tech savvy in his old age, and even happier that he's sharing his limited knowledge with me. We're a pair of old dogs that definitely learned some new tricks. More pics and stories as the weekend progresses, that is if Hurricane Sandy doesn't blow us away. Wish us luck!

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