Saturday, October 27, 2012

They Kicked Us Out!

Sorry I haven't give you any updates from Anastasia State Park before now, but things have not gone according to plan. After a nice Thursday, we were off to another good day on Friday. Sure, it was windy and kind of ominous looking with the impending Hurricane Sandy to the south of us, but we were all happy and getting to know each other. Everybody had a nice Friday, with some of our camping pals enjoying the sights of St. Augustine, others hanging out and visiting with each other in the park, and others checking out everything that the park has to offer. The rain had held off, and we were set to have a great evening. And then the park rangers came by and told us that the hurricane watch had changed to a hurricane warning, and that we would have to evacuate the park as soon as possible. Everyone was disappointed for sure, and surprised that a storm over 350 miles away would so drastically change our plans. It wasn't as devastating for Gary and I since we live right here in town. But others came from as far away as Tennessee to be take part in the fun. Gary quickly packed up for the short ride home. His usual orderly packing became a "put it anywhere it will fit" kind of thing. We had to go, and go NOW! Gary invited a few of the campers to stay at our house for the night if they wanted to. Most either went back to their own areas, or other campgrounds more inland. LouAnn and Dan (from Georgia) spent the night here in our guest room. Jim and Melodie wanted to stay with us as well, but Gary's phone was dead and he missed their calls. They ended up heading home. Gary and our guests had a good time hanging out and talking until 2AM! They came out to see me and my garage, and Gary spent the night in me as he has done for the past couple of weeks. Having LouAnn and Dan here helped to extend the abrubtly ended campout for awhile. They went to breakfast together this morning, and drove around downtown some. I went back to sleep for a few hours. I'm not used to being up so late. Our guests just left, so now Gary is unpacking the van while I catch up on e-mails and my blog posting. I've included a few pics of the beautiful but stormy beach that Gary took before we had to leave last night. What a bummer that we had to vacate, but better safe than sorry I guess.

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