Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Henry....Is That You?

First, let me tell you that my buddy "Dodge", my trusty tow vehicle, is still at the repair shop with an un-diagnosed illness. He's been gone for a week, and I REALLY miss him. Gary stopped by to visit with him this morning, but we still don't know when he's coming home. Now, on to the subject at hand, who happens to be my brother, Henry. Henry, who as you all know by now, used to be a Serro Scotty Hilander, has been transformed into a S.L.U.T (Serro Lawn and Utility Trailer). Henry was an unfinished project by his previous owner. Gary bought him on eBay a couple of years ago, not to finish the neglected rebuild, but because he was LOADED with valuable parts. A lot of those parts have been sold to others who have put them to good use in restorations or renovations of their own. Henry served as a storage unit inside our garage for most of his time here. Once he was finally torn down to his frame, parts of his wood sides were used for other projects around here. The plan is to use some of his wood to renovate my kitchen base cabinet. Gary is a firm believer in recycling. As I reported in an earlier post, the ultimate goal for Henry was to make a utility trailer out of him, and that project is now at least 90% completed. Gary still has to put lights on him, build a tailgate, and install a new tongue jack, but the biggest part of the work is done. As you can see, Henry looks a LOT different from the day that Gary brought him home. If I hadn't witnessed the transformation for myself, I wouldn't know that Henry is Henry. All of his new wood has been treated with Thompson's Water Sealer to protect it from the elements. That's a good thing since Henry will be spending the majority of his time outside. He may get painted as well, but Gary hasn't decided on that yet. Henry hauled his first load as a utility trailer yesterday, and he did a GREAT job. Henry the Hilander is no more, but the life of Henry the S.L.U.T. has just begun.

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