Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Best Buddy Is Sick....Oh NO!!!

I'm sorry that I'm not blogging much these days, but there really isn't much going on involving me. Gary has been working on various projects, and I've just been watching from the sidelines. Gary continues to sleep in me every night, so that's good. It's so hot here in Florida now, that he would be sleeping in the house if not for my air conditioner keeping us cool on these muggy nights. Gary says that keeping a 72 square foot trailer cooled down is more efficient than keeping a 1400 square foot house cool, and I whole-heartedly agree. Things have been going pretty well in general until this past Sunday. Gary headed off to Lowe's for some materials in my best buddy (other than Gary, of course), the '92 Dodge van. Moments later, he returned. The van was backfiring, puffing out black smoke, and barely running. Once he shut it off, it wouldn't re-start. He has worked on it from time to time over the past couple of days, but hasn't been able to figure out the problem. Gary can usually fix pretty much anything, but this has him stumped. He talked with a local repair shop this morning, and decided to have the van towed there for a diagnosis. A call to AAA was made, and within the hour, the tow truck was here to haul the van away. It's bad to have this happen, but it's better that it happened now and not when we're heading off on a camping trip. It seems weird that Gary and I are here, and the van isn't. He's only been gone for a short time, and I miss him. I hope he will be back home and feeling much better soon. I'll let you know what made him sick, and will have an update on some other things soon. Bye!

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