Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm Nearly Famous!

Well, guess what? I found out a couple of hours ago that my good buddy Gary has been keeping something from me. We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new book about Serro Scotty Travel Trailers by our Facebook friend Paul Hecht, and come to find out, the book arrived last weekend. Did Gary tell me it was here? Noooooooo!!! Anyway, he finally got around to showing it to me today, and boy was I surprised to find out that I am actually IN the book. I'm nearly famous! I am very pleased to be included, but some of our other friends weren't as fortunate. Actually, Gary says that some are quite upset at not being included. Which pictures got chosen and which didn't wasn't solely up to Paul. The publisher apparently had a lot to do with that. But some people got MANY pictures of their trailers included, which doesn't seem fair at all. Hopefully, Paul will create another volume of the book that will include more photos of trailers and their owners. My thanks to Paul and the publisher for giving me my fifteen minutes of fame. This little Georgia boy is VERY proud. The photos I've included with this post shows the cover of the book, and the two pictures of me that are included. I'm on pages 101 and 103 if you're browsing through the book looking for me. I'm going to go and look at all the pictures again. I'll catch you later!

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