Friday, July 19, 2013

Meet "Joni"

The Green Acres Garage was a total man cave until Helen the Husqvarna arrived in May. You know how it is. When one girl or guy gets into an exclusive club intended for just one sex, others are soon to follow. Such is the case here. Early this month, "Joni" arrived, joining Helen the Husqvarna as the second girl in the Green Acres Garage. Who is "Joni" you ask? She is a 1971 Serro Scotty, that belongs to our friend Caryn from up in Jacksonville. Joni didn't have a name when she got here, but Gary decided to name her after Joni Mitchell, the famous singer. Since Caryn is a folk music fan, and Joni Mitchell's early works were folk themed, the name just seemed to fit. Who am I to argue? Joni was born in Ashburn Georgia, just like me. Gary says she's my older sister. We do look very similar, at least from what I can remember of how I looked when I first arrived here. She has many coats of brushed on and rolled on paint, just like I did before Gary stripped me down to bare metal. She's had a hard life, just like I had before Gary found me. And that is why Joni is spending some time with us. She is basically in "re-hab", and Gary is trying to make her a little healthier and stronger before sending her on her way. Somebody savagely cut up her sheet metal, her window support, and her wiring. The main goals are to remove her air conditioner from her hacked up rear window, beef up her back wall, install a new rear window, create a removable mounting for the air conditioner in her side window, cut a hole and install a new cargo door on her right side, replace the doorless cargo frame on the left side, and get all of her non-functioning 12-volt wiring working. All of that is more difficult than it sounds, and I wouldn't know the first thing about doing any of it. But Gary did most of that stuff and more to me, and I'm sure he can do the same for Joni. What is making matters worse is the intense summer heat, and that's something that Gary has a hard time dealing with. I often remind him to take a break and hydrate, two things that he sometimes forgets to do when he's busy with a project. When he ignores my caring advice, he usually pays for it by feeling poorly the following day. He's doing better, but I have to nag him quite a bit. Honestly, what did he ever do without me? Progress is being made with Joni, and luckily, Caryn is in no hurry to get her back. Joni seems to be enjoying her time here in the garage, since she has to sit outside in the weather when she's at her own house. Helen and Joni have bonded, and I'm listening carefully to their conversations. I'm nervous that they will form a girl alliance, and will try to take over this former man cave. Luckily, Gary has the keys, and I'm positive he will thwart any attempts of a possible takeover. I'll post some more pics of Joni as the work continues.

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