Saturday, July 6, 2013

He's Back And He's Running!

I am BEYOND happy today. A little while ago, I heard the sound of a familiar engine running. Then, Gary opened the garage door, and there was my best buddy and trusty tow vehicle "Dodge". YAY!!! As I posted earlier, "Dodge" quit running and Gary had him towed to a repair shop. They had him for almost two weeks, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Gary was tired of waiting for them to come up with an answer, so "Dodge" got towed back home. Within minutes, Gary found that a piece had broken inside "Dodge's" distributor. That small metal ring leaning up against the distributor in the first picture is supposed to be riveted onto the distributor shaft. As you can see, the rivets broke and the piece was floating around loose. As I was told (I'm not mechanically inclined), without that piece being attached, the engine won't run. Gary ordered a replacement distributor from NAPA, installed it, and "Dodge" fired right up. Knowing how much I've missed my buddy, Gary brought him into the garage so we could hang out and talk for awhile. I am SO glad he's not sick anymore. He looks good, he sounds good, and we could go camping right now if we wanted to. I'm SO surprised that a professional mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with "Dodge", and Gary found the problem and fixed it. He's my HERO!!! Welcome home, "Dodge".

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