Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meet Jacqueline (Jackie) & Caroline

I wasn't expecting to be blogging until we go on our next round of camping this coming week. But there has been some excitement around here that I just have to tell you about. Here's the scoop. Gary came across a pair of 13ft. 1961 Serro Scottys, got a good deal on them, and brought them home. Looking back, if anybody thought that I was in bad shape when I arrived here at the Green Acres Garage, well I've got to say that these two trailers make me look like I was in mint condition. Sure, I had my issues, but these two are downright pathetic. Like a lot of trailer fanatics seem to do, Gary tends to look right past the ugliness, and sees some sort of beauty and potential within. He did it with me, and he's done it again with these two. I'll have to admit that they are kind of cute, at least as far as their size goes. They are TINY compared to me, and I'm pretty small. Gary brought "Jackie" home on one day, and "Caroline" the next. He was thinking of names for them on the way home, and came up with Jackie and Caroline in honor of the Kennedy girls. Both trailers were born during President Kennedy's short time in office, and since this year is the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, the names just seem to fit. I have no idea what Gary plans to do with them, but at least they have a nice home here. I went outside to meet the girls. They don't talk like I do, and that's probably a good thing. Not many of us trailers can actually speak, and as you all know, I talk as much as a dozen trailers would. I don't think poor Gary could stand it if more than one of us talked. Anyway, time will tell what becomes of Jackie and Caroline. Gary still has my brother Scotty in the garage, waiting patiently for a frame-up rebuild. And lately he's been considering building a small custom trailer on my brother Chip's old frame. All of that, plus literally a hundred other projects to do, and it appears that Jackie and Caroline have a long time to wait to get some of Gary's attention. We'll see what happens.

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