Monday, July 14, 2014

Door Swapping

This was a day of doors being removed and attached and removed and attached. I'm not stuttering, that's just the way it happened. Honest! Let me explain. First, my entry door was removed. Gary cut a piece of brown paper the exact length of the door, and then taped it over the edge that has the mounting holes in it. That's actually the edge that the hinge attaches to. I had no idea what the heck he was doing, but like always, I knew he had a plan. The plan was to mark the exact location of the mounting holes onto the paper, and then transferring those locations onto the red temporary door that he built awhile back. Are you with me so far? Once the holes were marked, punched, and drilled into the red temporary door, he mounted the door onto my hinge. The holes aligned perfectly! He also attached my revamped screen door to see how the two doors would fit together. You can see how the bigger screen door slide allows access to the area where the lock and deadbolt will eventually be. Looks good. The next to the last step for the day was marking the locations on the door jamb where the holes need to be cut for the lock strikers. And then the screen door and the temporary doors were removed, and my original door was reattached. We've gotta have a solid door to hold in the air conditioning ya know. So, that was the gist of the happenings around here today. More soon (I hope).

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