Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Glass Bottom Boat Tour At Silver Springs

On our second day at Silver Springs, we were joined by our camping buddies Jim and Melodie. They were in campsite #26, just a short walk down the road from our campsite. We hadn't seen Jim and Melodie since we camped together at Cloudland Canyon in November. They are now an engaged couple, with Jim popping the question to Melodie during the Christmas holiday. So congrats to them! Gary hung out with the happy couple at their campsite Saturday evening while I watched the football playoffs on TV. I get left alone a lot, but Gary always leaves the TV on or the iPod playing so I won't feel lonely. He's so thoughtful! While talking that night, Gary asked if they were interested in going on the glass bottom boat tour on Sunday. As it turned out, that is EXACTLY what they had in mind to do. When Sunday afternoon rolled around, the three of them were off on their adventure. I was still engulfed in the football playoffs, so it was another lazy Sunday for me. There are two different tours in the glass bottom boats, a half hour version and a 90 minute version. Gary and his buddies opted for the half hour version. It looks like they had fun, but Gary said that the time went by too quickly. If they ever go again, they will take the 90 minute tour. The water in the spring is REALLY clear, and there are fish and artifacts to be seen along the way. Turtles sun themselves on logs, and canoes and row boats share the waterway with the tour boats. Many movies have been filmed at the park, and some of the artifacts in the water were left behind by the production companies. Gary said that the tour guide was a wealth of knowledge, and knew the history behind everything that was seen. I wish there was a glass bottom ferry at the springs so that I could go along and see these things for myself, but I guess I'll just have to settle for Gary's pictures and stories. We had a terrific five days at Silver Springs. Besides hanging out at the campsite with me, and hanging out with Jim and Melodie, Gary did a LOT of antique shopping. On Monday, he headed down to the enormous Webster Flea Market too. Jim and Melodie came by to visit with me while he was gone, so that was nice. They are GREAT people! On our next round of camping, we head back up to Georgia. I'm not sure where we're going yet, but I KNOW we'll have fun. If there's an internet connection, I'll check in from wherever we are. Bye for now.

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