Friday, January 30, 2015

Three Rivers State Park: Our Second Visit

Hey, Everybody! Last time I checked in, we were about to head home to St. Augustine from General Coffee State Park in Georgia. We had a nice drive on a beautiful day. Gary actually cut our stay one day short, and I'm glad he did. There was stormy weather predicted the following day, and as wrong as the weather guys usually are, they were actually right on the mark this time. I was home safely and tucked into my garage when the pounding rains came. It rained for two days, but the weather was beautiful after that. We had almost a full week at home, and Gary was very busy doing all the things necessary to get ready for our next round of camping. He did take one full day away from working to hang out with our Ohio friend Gail in Ocala, FL. to do some antique shopping. Gail is staying in Florida for the winter. I didn't get polished like I had hoped. Gary said that he probably wouldn't do that until the end our camping season, so I guess I'll quit bugging him about doing it. After all the days we had on our last trip with little to no TV reception, it was kind of nice to be home to catch up on all my favorite TV shows. That's what occupied my time while Gary was busy with other things. The time went quickly, and early yesterday (Thursday) morning, we headed 246 miles west into the Florida panhandle, and arrived at Three Rivers State Park in Sneads, FL. This is our second visit here, but the first one in over two years. Our campsite last time was not that great, but Gary scoped out some better possibilities for future visits, and used that knowledge to book us a GREAT one this time. We're in campsite number 15, and we're tucked back into the northwest corner of the campground near the one and only cabin here. Our campsite is right on the river, and surrounded by tall pine trees. It's pretty for sure. The river has lots of boat traffic, and lots of those little black ducks. It's fun to watch all of the activity. TV reception here is very good, so I won't be stuck without seeing my favorite shows while Gary is off antique shopping. He is getting ready to go do that as I write this. It is REALLY windy today, but the sun is shining and it's going to be another FABULOUS day of camping. Who could ask for more?

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