Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Nights At General Coffee

Man, time sure does fly by. We got here to General Coffee on Monday afternoon, and as I write this, it's already Wednesday night. What's even worse is that we have to leave here in the morning and head home to St. Augustine. That's just SAD!!! As always, we have had a great time here. My singing along with the iPod has not scared the squirrels away, so that's good. Gary has been on the road antique shopping. That guy sure does love to shop! Just when I thought that Dodge could not hold one more thing, Gary somehow made room for more. He has bought a LOT of stuff on this trip. He's having fun doing it, so I guess there's nothing wrong with that. Between his frequent journeys to hunt down antiques, he has managed to feed our donkey friends Poncho and Jenny 8 pounds of carrots. Poncho is the darker colored donkey, and Jenny is the lighter colored one with the spots. They LOVE carrots! I wish I could go down to the corral to hang out with them, but I'm stuck here at the campsite. At least there are plenty of squirrels here to feed unlike some of the parks we go to. Gary has already planned the route home, with a stop at (you guessed it) an antique store along the way. We're about 170 miles from St. Augustine, so it won't take that long to get there, even though we poke along at a slow pace most of the time. We're never in any hurry. We will have almost a week at home before we head out on our next round of camping. That's longer than usual. Maybe I'll get that polishing that Gary had planned to do before we left on our current round of camping. We will see. Anyway, I'll miss our time on the road, but it sure will be nice to catch up with the latest episodes of "People's Court". These parks with no TV reception are KILLING me! From General Coffee State Park, this is your boy Toaster saying goodbye and goodnight.

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