Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bathing Beauties

Dodge and I got REALLY dirty at Tomoka State Park. Poor Dodge got the worst of it. He and Gary were in and out of the park a few times, and there was no escaping those muddy campground roads. I thought I had it made for awhile, and then some birds started using my roof for target practice. It was pretty gross. We were definitely a sad looking pair. I couldn't wait to have a bath. I know that Dodge felt the same way. Gary began with me. I got a good soaking with the hose first, and then got scrubbed with a brush and a nice soft washing mitt. It was hot here today, and the cold water felt great on my skin. In no time, Gary had me looking and feeling better. Then it was Dodge's turn. From all the mud that Gary washed out from under him, it seemed like we brought a good portion of Tomoka's terrible roads home with us. Dodge was more of a challenge to clean than me, but Gary eventually had him looking like his old self. We dried quickly in the warm sun, and then we came back into the garage to cool off. All was well....well almost. Gary spotted a screw in Dodge's right rear tire. That's never a good thing to see. He was bummed out that Dodge's relatively new tires (purchased last August) already had a puncture. The screw was removed, but no air escaped. The screw was easily long enough to cause a leak, but it appeared that it went into the thick tread at an angle, and wasn't a problem after all. All of the other tires on Dodge and myself were inspected to see if there were any other screws present, but everything looks good. We're all relieved. So that's the latest news from the Green Acres Garage. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this is my 400th blog post. Can you believe it? Thank you all for your support. As long as you continue to be interested in the ramblings of this little "talking" trailer, then I'll continue to attempt to entertain you. Have a good one!

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