Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back To Beaver Run

As you may recall, our very first stop on our current trip was at Beaver Run RV park in Metter, GA. We only stayed one night on our way further north. On this particular trip, Beaver Run is a convenient stopping point to rest up both to and from our other destinations, so we decided to come back by here on our way home. Gary wanted to check out the array of antique stores in this area and a bit further south, so we are staying three nights this time so he will have time to make the rounds. There isn't much to say about Beaver Run that I didn't already say in my first post from here, so I'll spare you a repeat of the details. We were in campsite #23 during our first stay here, but this time we're in campsite #13. This one isn't nearly as shady, but that's okay. Luckily for us, the high temperatures haven't gotten past the mid 70's during the day, so I'm not heating up like an oven like I do when the temperatures are warmer. Gary gets hot very easily, and he's had no complaints. The nights have been down into the lower 40's. That is just plain heavenly! As is usually the case wherever we stay, I am the smallest and oldest trailer here. The majority of the trailers and motor homes parked here appear to be semi-permanent residents. Most of them were here during our first visit. We've barely seen anyone. A few people have come and gone, but most either stay inside or aren't here at all. That makes things very quiet. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon on the last day of our first camping trip of the season. These 16 days on the road have gone by in a flash. Gary has nearly filled up Dodge with the many treasures he has found all along the way. He's going to have a lot of unpacking to do when we get home. Speaking of Dodge, he had just over 242,000 miles on him when we left home, and now he's got more than 244,000 miles on him. As usual, he has done a flawless job of getting us from place to place and hauling all of our stuff. Where would we be without him? He's resting up today, and tomorrow he will take us back home to St. Augustine. We will re-group for 9 days, and then we head out for our next adventure. I can't WAIT to get started! I'll post again as soon as I can. Bye!

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