Friday, October 30, 2015

Seminole State Park, Donalsonville, GA.

Hey, everybody. It's me, the Toastest with the mostest, coming to you LIVE from Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, GA. Where is Donalsonville located you ask? It's northwest of Tallahassee, FL., not far up into Georgia, and not far from Alabama either. Like every stop that we will make this year during our camping season, this is our first time here. This is a pretty park as most of the Georgia State Parks are, and we were fortunate enough to arrive early today which allowed us to grab one of the lakeside campsites before they were all taken. We're in campsite number 3 for our 3 night stay here, and I am LOVING the view. TV reception is good, and so is our internet connection. That's a bonus since WiFi isn't available here. Rain is predicted for part of our stay, but it was beautiful today. As soon as Gary got me set up, he was off with his camera and extra batteries to take pictures of our surroundings. There are 14 lakeside camping cabins, more than 50 campsites, pioneer camping (YUCK!!!), and something called treehouse camping, which is basically just a 2-story screened room. The treehouse is the last of the pictures I've included. There's lots of ducks and geese on Lake Seminole, lots of gopher tortoises everywhere else, and some REALLY big and REALLY scary looking squirrels with black faces. As much as I love squirrels, the ones here are a bit too freaky for my taste. Gary walked all around the lake, and also walked the 2.2 mile Gopher Tortoise Trail. Thank goodness he didn't get lost like he did a couple of years ago on our first visit to General Coffee. There's a small man-made beach here, a large picnic area with several pavillions and a playground, a miniature golf course, and canoe, kayak, and paddle boat rentals. Our plastic flamingos are hanging out down by the lake, and I'm hoping the alligators don't mistake them for the real thing. Everyone here has been SUPER friendly and helpful. Campground hosts are right across the street from us in campsite number 2, and they have ice and firewood available right there if we need it. I'm hoping the weather guys are as wrong as they usually are, and the beautiful days will continue during our stay. Things are just too darn nice for Mother Nature to get a bad attitude and mess it up. Enjoy the attached pictures, and I'll write again soon. Happy Halloween!

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