Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not Hot In Cleveland

We headed out of Newport Tennessee on Monday morning, and ended up here at Harrison Bay State Park near Cleveland Tennessee. Unlike the TV series Hot In Cleveland, Betty White isn't here, and it's far from being hot, although I don't think that's the kind of hot they are referring to. The temperatures have been absolutely perfect this whole trip, with mainly lower to mid 70's during the day, and lower to mid 50's at night. On a few of the days, the highs haven't gotten past the mid to upper 60's. That makes Gary and I VERY happy. We're not missing those humid Florida summer days at all. This is a good park. Due to a change in plans, Gary booked our campsite here (#11) much later than he normally would have. There was little to choose from, so he did the best he could. Unfortunately, our campsite is not one of the waterfront ones. It's literally an arm's distance away from the one next to it. Thankfully, we have some really friendly neighbors. If you're looking for privacy, you need to go elsewhere. There was a bit of confusion when we got here as to where to register. The office near the front gate is closed for the season. The sign in front of it that says to register down the road at the A-frame building is also misleading, since it too is closed for the season. Gary asked around, and found out that the camping registration is at the marina office, so that's where we went. Speaking of the marina, it is MUCH bigger than we expected. Besides the boats that are docked there full time, the in and out traffic is busy for weekdays. The weekends must be REALLY chaotic. As far as the campground goes, there are four loops, A, B, C, and D. The A loop seems to be the most popular. The recreational activities such as the swimming pool, basketball court, horse shoes, shuffleboard, etc. are all located there. Also, the A loop has asphalt campsites and the newest restrooms. All of the other loops have gravel campsites. Speaking of the restrooms, Gary tells me they are different from anywhere else we have camped. In the A loop, there are 8 of them in 2 buildings, and each one is private. In other words, they are for men or for women, and each one has it's own toilet, sink, and shower. Odd I guess, but it works. Each one is wheelchair accessible too. Each loop has a handful of waterfront campsites. Most of the campsites are relatively close to each other, and we don't care for that. There are lots of picturesque areas where a person can go to be alone, but us trailers don't have that luxury. Gary has spent much of his time on this trip antique shopping. He seems to be doing more of that than he normally does, and I didn't think that was possible. This stop was no exception. He has shopped extensively in Cleveland, Chattanooga, and just a bit over the border in a couple of towns in extreme northern Georgia. TV reception is good here, so I've been watching a lot of my favorite shows, as well as watching out for the squirrels and deer that often pass right through the campsites. Overall, this is a park we would come back to, but not one of our favorites. For a measly $20 per night, the price is extremely good. Sure beats the $35 per night we paid at the Newport KOA, and it's a heck of a lot nicer here than there. Our next stop is back in mid-Georgia at Indian Springs State Park. We LOVE the Georgia State Parks, and we're looking forward to our visit. The one thing I dread is having to travel through Atlanta, and I'm hoping Gary will find an alternative route. Those crowded interstates in big towns make me nervous. That's the wrap from Harrison Bay. I've got Georgia on my mind.

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