Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's Foggy And Rainy At Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

We arrived here at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park this past Monday, and it's either been raining or extremely foggy during the majority of each day. It's now Thursday, our fourth day here, and the weather isn't predicted to get much better (actually worse) before we leave here next Monday. We're still having a GREAT time, but Gary's habit of taking pictures throughout the park just hasn't happened so far. You can see the wetness and the fog in a couple of the pictures I've posted. Some areas of the park are clearer than others, but none are as crisp and clear as we would like. We stopped at a scenic overlook on the way in. It should have been a beautiful place for a picture, but the fog ruined it. Oh well. After the overlook, we checked in at the park office, which is housed in that big beautiful stone building. Directly across the street from the office is the road into the campground. There are 6 camping loops. One of them (loop #4) was closed. After riding through all of the others, we picked out campsite number 307 in camping loop #3 to be our home for our 7 night stay. This will be the only place during our entire camping season where we are staying more than five days. We are right next door to the restroom, and that's very convenient for Gary. TV reception is zero other than a PBS station, but the squirrel watching here is fantastic. They have kept me entertained while Gary has been off visiting with his sister and her husband, or off antique hunting. We've been feeding the squirrels, and they come by often for snacks. This is Georgia's largest state park at 9,049 acres. It's VERY nice here in every way. I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but I'm lucky to have even this many under the circumstances. I know it's boring to just see a bunch of pictures of me. Even though the weather forecast looks bleak for the rest of our stay, I know that Gary will have his camera ready just in case. If more pictures are able to be taken, I will post them ASAP. If not, we are already booked here again for our first camping trip next fall, and maybe we'll have better luck with the weather then. Until next time, this is soggy little Toaster signing off. Bye!


  1. Great review Toaster, keep the squirrels happy!

  2. Thanks, Rainbow. I think I am the only one feeding the squirrels here. They are sure going to miss me when I'm gone, but I'll be back next year. Happy Camping!