Thursday, November 12, 2015

Back In The Barn

After 12 days on the road, we are back at home in the Green Acres Garage once again. It was a 277 mile ride from our last stop at Torreya State Park to here. Just to break up the trip and have some fun, we stopped at the enormous Webb's Antique Mall on I-75 in Lake City, FL. Gary stretched his legs and got his exercise while Dodge and I rested for the four and a half hours that Gary was shopping. Just when I thought that there couldn't possibly be any more rusty stuff in this world for Gary to buy, he came out of the antique store with 15 more pieces. He knew better than to buy anything big, since Dodge was already over stuffed with all of the things he had bought throughout our travels. He was able to tuck the small items he bought into various nooks and crannies with no problem. While shopping, he kept running into a nice couple from Indiana named Lester and Candy. They are the owners of that HUGE motor home and trailer in the last picture. Gary said they were really nice people. They travel full-time, and collect antiques along the way. There's a Jeep and a golf cart (among other things) in the trailer. Overall length of the motor home and trailer is 76 feet long. WOW!!! We were VERY impressed. Luckily for Dodge and I, Gary prefers to travel in something smaller, not that he could afford something like that anyway. We are MUCH smaller, with an overall length of about 31 feet. We may be tiny, but we get the job done. Lester and Candy also own a 22 foot 1959 Airstream that they are currently having restored, so they do enjoy vintage stuff too. We have 6 days here at home before we hit the road again. Since it rained so much on this last trip, Dodge and I got dirtier than normal. I'm sure we will get bathed, and whatever else that needs attention will get it. Dodge hit two more milestones on this trip, both the 245,000 mile mark, and the 246,000 mile mark. Dodge and Gary traveled 867 miles without me, and another 915 miles with me. That's a total of 1782 trouble-free miles on this trip, and we hope that our good luck on the road will continue. We've been VERY fortunate. Laundry and unpacking is getting done at the moment, and if time permits, I'm REALLY hoping to get some of this road grime off of me. I'm feeling pretty disgusting right now. More news from here as it happens. Have a GREAT day, y'all.

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