Thursday, November 19, 2015

Off To Reed Bingham State Park, With A Layover At Wal-Mart

Round number 3 of our camping season is underway, and our one and only stop on this round is at Reed Bingham State Park near Adel, GA. This is the closest state park to Moultrie, GA., which happens to be a mere 15 miles away. Moultrie is the site of a huge car show this weekend that Gary wants to go to. We left our house around 3 AM on Wednesday morning, drove for roughly 150 miles, and planned to stop for some sleep at the first rest stop on I-75 near the Florida/Georgia border. Unfortunately, the rest stop was closed for renovations. So, we traveled just a few miles further north to Valdosta, and camped in the outskirts of the Wal-Mart parking lot near several large motor homes. It was quiet there, probably more so than the rest stop would have been, so everything worked out fine. Gary parked Dodge and I in the fire lane in front of the store before we left for the picture. We were only there for a few seconds, so we didn't get in trouble. I was worried we would. From Valdosta, we were only about 30 miles away from Reed Bingham. After checking in for our stay at the park office, we headed past the 375 acre lake and into the campground. After driving through once like we always do, we came back to campsite number 1 at the entrance to the campground. Gary knows how much I hate those patches on my left side to show, so he always tries to park me where my door side is facing the roadway. He usually puts me at an angle near the back of our campsites, or on a campsite on the inside of the campground loop so my "good side" is what primarily can be seen by most passers-by. As picky as I am, I sure am glad that he tries to be so accommodating. He puts up with a lot of my whining to make me happy. The restroom is located just behind us, so that's always a factor in where we park also. That, of course, is a bonus for Gary and not for me. We have basic cable TV here, and I am very happy about that. There's also an abundance of squirrels here, and that's something else I'm thrilled to see. After all these years of me mentioning squirrels in my blog posts, you must know by now how much I love the furry-tailed little guys. One of the camp hosts has 6 pink flamingos that are decked out in tu-tu's, jewelry, and shoes. Now THAT'S funny! I do believe that our flamingos would be embarrassed if they looked like that. The weather was only decent here for a short time after we arrived. It is now the evening of our second night here, and we've had nothing but rain for most of our stay so far. Tomorrow is Friday, the car show in Moultrie begins, and I'm hoping that the weather will be good for Gary and everyone else that plans to attend. If the weather guys are right, it's supposed to be a BEAUTIFUL day. I'm keeping my tongue crossed. Well, I've got some TV shows to watch and Gary should be back from taking a shower soon, so I'm going to cut this short and say goodnight. As soon as Gary gets around to taking some more pictures of the park, I'll get them sorted through and posted for all to see. Later!

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