Thursday, November 26, 2015

Catching Up From Reed Bingham State Park

As promised more than a week ago, here are a few pictures of Reed Bingham State Park that I thought you may like to see. Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been doing a pretty good job (if I do say so myself) of keeping up with my blogging, but somehow it just got away from me this week. The park was named after the man who was most instrumental in getting it developed. Jimmy Carter, former Georgia governor and President Of The United States, also took interest in the park. It's slightly over 1300 acres in size, including the 375 acre lake that sits between the park's east and west sides. Gary took me on a tour of the place, and I was amazed. It seems larger than it actually is. There's lots for humans to see and do if they want to, and a nice quiet place for trailers and RV's to hang out and relax. The weather wasn't great during our stay for the most part. On the two nicest days, Gary was off to nearby Moultrie for a car show. The close proximity to Moultrie is what brought us to the park to begin with. I'm actually surprised that there was time for picture taking at all. There are two camping loops in the campground. We were in the oldest one, the one that doesn't have full hook-ups for more modern (and bigger) RV's than myself. The other loop has full hook-ups, and as Gary found out, a nearly new restroom. He ended up taking three of his five showers in the newest restroom. One of the showers in the older restroom that was very near to us had a drainage issue. There were several trails that Gary never found time to explore. Maybe he will get around to that on our next visit, and that won't be too far away. The Moultrie car show also has a winter event in February, and we are booked to return then. We had a nice stay, and we're looking forward to returning. I'll post again as soon as I can. Until next time, have a GREAT day!

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