Monday, November 16, 2015

Much Done, And Almost Time For Fun

There's been a whole lot of activity here in the Green Acres Garage since we got home last week. Gary has wasted no time in getting things done so we can hit the road again tomorrow night. I got my much needed bath, and so did Dodge. It took most of a day to get Dodge emptied out and to get everything put away. Then there was laundry to do, and there was LOTS of that. I've been catching up on all of the TV shows I missed while we were gone, and trying my best to keep Gary on track. He tends to get derailed with other things he needs to do sometimes. Although we got home safely without any delays after our last trip, there was something rather serious with Dodge that could have caused us all a lot of problems. He began making sort of a growling noise around the time we left Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia. Gary suspected it was either a front wheel bearing or a rear axle bearing that was going bad. He checked for excessive heat in the wheel hubs a couple of times along the way, but nothing seemed far from normal. Upon inspection here at home, Gary's suspicions were right. Dodge had a bad outer front wheel bearing along with the race that the bearing rides in. If not for that terrific Lucas Red 'N Tacky bearing grease with anti-seize that Gary uses, we probably would have gotten stuck on the side of the road somewhere. We traveled about 500 miles with that bad bearing, and a lesser quality wheel bearing grease would likely have let us down. There was no damage to Dodge's spindle or brake rotor, and a new bearing and race combo for $11.65 fixed Dodge up as good as new. That was a HUGE relief for all of us. With that done, Gary decided to make a change to the ends of my kitchen cabinets that he's been wanting to do for awhile. There was a curve on each end of the cabinets (that's the little triangle shaped piece that Gary is holding) that just didn't look right. So both of those little curves were cut away, and the aluminum trim was modified to fit the new sleeker looking design of the cabinet ends. I think it looks MUCH better than it did before, and that little bit of "cabinet surgery" didn't hurt at all. Everything we normally take with us on trips is packed, everyone (including Gary) is clean, and we're almost ready to head back to Georgia for round number three of our camping season. As usual, I am SO excited. I have no idea where we're going, but I just can't wait to get started. I'll write soon!

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