Friday, November 27, 2015

Matt's '63 Fireball

For a couple of days during our time at Reed Bingham State Park, I wasn't the oldest trailer in the campground. That honor belonged to a 1963 Fireball, a super cool little trailer owned by a guy named Matt from Cartersville, GA. Gary went over to meet Matt and to check out his awesome trailer. Since it was nearly dark at the time, and Matt was planning on leaving before daylight the following day, Gary couldn't take any pictures. But, Matt has a blog like me (except he doesn't talk as much as I do), and Gary copied these pictures from it. Matt bought the Fireball on eBay from a seller in California, and had it transported to Georgia. It's side skins were in good shape, but the roof and all of the structural supports for it needed to be replaced. Matt did all of the work himself. He is a professional body man, so Matt also repainted the Fireball. The kitchen was original, all there, and in good shape. Matt made a few modifications to it to better suit his needs, but he didn't take anything away from it's character. He also replaced all of the Fireball's birch interior. Matt did a beautiful job, and now he has the trailer "bug" that so many vintage trailer owners seem to acquire. He is currently fixing up a Shasta for his father, and he's probably not going to stop there. As Gary always says, nobody should own just one. Cool trailer, Matt. REALLY cool!

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