Friday, January 8, 2016

A Special Day For Dodge

Our final round of camping for this season was a great one. Yes, we suffered through a lot of rain and had our pink plastic flamingos stolen, but we will always remember the good times much more than the bad. We camped at 5 state parks in Georgia, and traveled a total of 1556 miles. Well actually, Gary and Dodge traveled the entire 1556 miles. I was with them for 981 of those miles, and hung out the rest of the time at all the various campgrounds. All good things must come to an end. With our camping season in the rear view mirror, we headed back home to St. Augustine. Fourteen miles from home, we stopped one last time at the southbound rest area on I-95. Just as we were pulling into the rest area, Dodge's odometer rolled over to the milestone mark of 250,000 miles. I was so happy that all of us were together on such a momentous occasion. Gary and I wanted to celebrate right there on the spot, but Dodge shrugged it off as just another mile. He still had work to do to get us home, and wanted to get at it so he could rest when we got back to the Green Acres Garage. After two weeks on the road, he was ready for a break. He's been resting comfortably in the days since we've been home. Dodge is my best buddy with four tires. He's loyal, he's reliable, and he's never let us down. Life just wouldn't be the same without him. Congratulations, Dodge. You've got 250,000 reasons to be proud of your accomplishments. You ROCK!!!