Friday, January 8, 2016

An Overnight Stay At Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park

The lack of rain at the start of 2016 was a GREAT thing as we traveled the Georgia highways on our way towards home. When we left Red Top Mountain, we had no idea where we were going to stay for the night. Gary generally makes reservations everywhere we go, but this time we were just planning to wing it. Since it was a Sunday, we knew that finding a place wouldn't be a problem. That might not be the case on a Friday or Saturday when most of the parks are full with weekend campers. The fastest route south would have been directly through Atlanta on I-75. That's much too chaotic for us, so we decided to bypass Atlanta completely by going around it on smaller roads on the west side. There were what seemed like a million stoplights and many, many turns, but we finally got far enough south of Atlanta to merge back onto I-75 and make up some time by picking up the speed. We putzed around at Red Top and got a very late start, so we didn't get as far south as we had hoped to by the time our day ended. We took a break at a rest stop near Macon around 3PM. Gary checked the map, and figured we could make it before 5PM (the normal closing time for most of the state parks) to Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park near Cordele, GA. So, we made our way there, arriving around 4:30PM. We checked in at the office, and drove back to the campground. Campsite number 23 was where we chose to park for our brief stay. We camped at Georgia Vet last January for three nights, and it was so foggy the entire time, that Gary didn't get to take very many pictures. This time, the weather was nicer, but we weren't going to be at the park very long. I never even got unhitched from Dodge. My power, outside light, and cable TV got hooked up, and that was all. Gary cooked dinner, took a shower, and we watched Sunday Night Football together. The next morning on our way out, Gary snapped a couple of pictures of me near the park's museum where the airplanes and tanks are on display, but that was basically the extent of the picture taking for this visit. Next stop: St. Augustine, or maybe not. Did Gary have something else planned?

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