Friday, January 8, 2016

One Night At General Coffee State Park

I'm never in a hurry to get home from a camping trip. Since this was officially the last round of our camping season for the year, I don't think that Gary was in any big hurry to get home either. When we left Georgia Veterans Memorial, we could have headed south on I-75, then east on I-10 to Jacksonville, then made our way home from there. But what fun would that have been? I originally thought that was Gary's plan, but when he made an east bound turn on state road 32 off of I-75 in Georgia, I knew EXACTLY where we were heading to......General Coffee State Park. We LOVE it there. It's not the most picturesque park in Georgia. It doesn't have any waterfalls, enormous lakes, or spectacular views, but somehow it has a comfortable feel about it that makes it seem like home. One thing it has that no other park can claim, and that is all the AWESOME farm animals. It's been almost a year since our last visit, and we were wondering how the donkeys (Poncho and Jenny) were doing. As you know from all my posts from General Coffee during past visits, Gary ALWAYS brings carrots for our donkey friends. This time, he also brought sliced apples for Molly the mule. She is very old and doesn't have her back teeth anymore. She can't chew whole carrots, but the sliced apples are perfect for her. Poncho and Jenny would eat carrots all day long if they could. Pepper the horse tries to push the donkeys out of the way, so Gary has to distract her to get most of the carrots to them. Horses are nice, but the donkeys are our favorites. The carrots are mainly for them, and Gary makes sure that they get their share and then some. They are always VERY grateful. While Gary was off feeding the other animals, I was busy feeding a very persistent squirrel that was hanging around our campsite. He wouldn't leave me alone, but that was alright with me. I LOVE those furry tailed little guys. It was a fun but very short visit to General Coffee this time, but we are booked for a few more days next October. It's a good stopping point on our way back to St. Augustine from wherever we've been. I've got more exciting news from General Coffee coming up soon, and I want to tell you about Dodge's big day too. I'm tired of typing for today, but I'll be posting again in the not too distant future. Thanks for reading!

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