Friday, January 8, 2016

We Got Our Bricks!

Way back in late 2013, Gary bought two bricks at General Coffee State Park. The park was selling the bricks (still is, actually), to benefit the farm animals that live there. The bricks were to be used to form a sidewalk in front of the park museum. A minimum order had to be placed with whoever is making the bricks before they could be produced. It took a long time for that minimum order to get placed. We have visited the park several times since the bricks were purchased, but there was no sign of them. We were THRILLED to finally see them in place when we visited this week. WOO-HOO!!! My "blog brick" is right in the center on the top row of the small sidewalk. Our "happy camper brick" is just to the right, also on the top row. There are nine personalized bricks in place so far, and hopefully many more to come. We feel that helping the animals is a GREAT cause. Now that there are some bricks in place, we're hoping that others will see them and order a brick or two of their own. For Gary and I, the bricks commemorate our visits and our love of the park. A bit of shameless self promotion on my part doesn't hurt anything either, I guess. I think the bricks are AWESOME! If you go to the park, be sure to stop by and visit our bricks. Better yet, buy one for yourself. All of those sweet little farm animals will thank you for it.

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